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Product Image *GENUINE* Cicada Hairclip/Barrette in Black Leather & Crystal

*GENUINE* Cicada Hairclip/Barrette in Black Leather & Crystal


This statement hair clip / barrette is a delightfully dark variation on a theme. Perfect for a nighttime look, with a perfect balance of light and dark- this is definitely a piece to play with the look you wish to create. Perfect as an accent to a simple black dress, or a playful centerpiece to an all white- the wings of this hair clip will take an outfit to the next visual level. The piece is comprised of a leather base with a GENUINE preserved Cicada specimen perched above sparkling faceted crystals and rhinestone silver rondelles! A truly unique hair accessory that is not for the timid! The crystals capture the light to compliment the natural details of this beautiful insect.

Please note: Though this Cicada was encased and strengthened with epoxy, it does still require careful handling.

The leather wrapped metal barrette base is about 2 1/2" wide and the cicada's wingspan is approximately 3".

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