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Product Image Golden Bullet Rosary

Golden Bullet Rosary


A visual commentary on the juxtaposition of faith and the fight to keep or protect it, this Rosary is an incredible unisex piece that can be worn in many different lights. Determine your own explanation of your faith, or the piece- this one is definitely a conversation starter!

This rosary piece is comprised of 44mm polished bullets, wood skulls, facetted crystals (some of them by Swarovski), as well as other vintage components- including a large brass vintage cross!

For another option, please take a look at The Silver Bullet Crucifix!

 Is this not exactly what you are looking for?  Let us create a one-of-a-kind piece for you!  House of Cach custom jewelry and accessories are surprisingly affordable and allow you to express your own unique style.  Email us at: info@houseofcach.com

~All of our designs are exquisitely handmade, one piece at a time in Providence Rhode Island, USA.~