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Product Image White Rose Chestplate

White Rose Chestplate


As if plucked straight from a fairytale, this ornate chestpiece is a fantasy that fables are born from. Emerge from any room (or mythic forest, if you will) draped in the form fitting vines and branches that caress your individual shape, and cast a spell of mythic beauty as the pure white blossoms surround you. With a layer of an opaque bright white throughout the branches and flowers, they appear almost as if they have been frosted by a first snow.  The visual juxtaposition of this piece lies in the viewers hands. At House of Cach our goal is to find the line planted firmly between the light and the dark. When you look at this piece you may see a curse of being held captive by the icy vines as the envelope the wearer, or you may see an ethereal enchantment of a rose blossom caress. What do you see?
The piece is comprised of artificial flowers, wiring, faceted clear crystals, silver plated rhinestone rondelles and genuine freshwater pearls.

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 Is this not exactly what you are looking for?  Let us create a one-of-a-kind piece for you!  House of Cach custom jewelry and accessories are surprisingly affordable and allow you to express your own unique style.  Email us at: info@houseofcach.com

~All of our designs are exquisitely handmade, one piece at a time in Providence Rhode Island, USA.~